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I am an intellectual woman, but I am also a human being! I think, this is Jiayao, even the joke is serious! In fact, Liang Dong resolutely found another job and held a management position, which had already begun. That year in Taiwan, everyone went to the Eslite Bookstore. Sister Beibei brought back several books about keeping in good health, and I collected a lot of books about Tibet. When we discovered that Liang Dong was holding several large management monographs in his chubby, fleshy little hands, we immediately looked at each other, and the expression was clearly to reach out and touch Liang Dong's forehead, saying: "Liang classmate,Inflatable bouncer, are you all right?"? Now, Liang Donggui for Liang Zong, Jia Yaogui for Dong Tai, for this pair of stooges,Inflatable outdoor park, I think promotion and wealth is the second, the key is, from now on, they can finally produce beauty because of distance. Section 57: Name (1) Serial (30) Name When I was in primary school, I liked to introduce myself like this: "I am Zengzi Mo, Zengzi's Zeng, Confucius's son, Mozi's Mo." Although young, speaking of the three "sons" of the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, inflatable water slide ,Inflatable 5k obstacle, my tone is not small, because I know that the names my parents gave me are enough to give me confidence. Otherwise, how can so many people be interested in it from childhood to adulthood! In the United States, many Chinese students have used English names, but I have been using Chinese Pinyin, zimo. Fortunately, these four letters are easy to pronounce, and Americans can easily pronounce them without any effort, without having to compete with their tongues like tongue twisters. But when I got the present name, I was already more than six years old. Before, I used the single name "Hong". At that time, my elder sister's name was Zeng Dong, my elder brother's name was Zeng Fang, and the three of us together were the "Oriental Rainbow". Every time the familiar melody of "Oriental Red Sun Rising" sounded on the radio, I would say to the children in a tender voice, half proud and half ostentatious, "Look, the music of our family name is playing again!" However, the same music, the same name, mentioned to my parents, but they always care about him. It's obviously their masterpiece, but the three names, which are loud and fashionable, don't seem to be taken seriously by my parents. Why is this? I didn't know it when I was young, and I never wanted to ask. Until the summer of 1979, one day, my parents called the three of us together and said they would change our names. My elder sister and my elder brother changed back to "Zi Li" and "Zi Jian",inflatable floating water park, and my new name was "Zi Mo". The story goes like this: In the summer of 1961, on the eve of my sister's birth, my parents watched the Beijing People's Art Theater's drama "Gallant Sword". The play tells the story of King Goujian of Yue sleeping on brushwood and tasting gall. Section 58: Name (2).

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