Emperor Qianlong February River,

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Li Shiyao originally meant to be a casual pastime, but when he saw that the sign had touched his mind, he stood in a daze with a few explanations. After a long time, he smiled and said, "Little Wu Zi said that I love to go to tall buildings to see the river, but this time it's autumn, and the scenery is a little chilly." Then he went out. Seeing that Wang Baoer wanted to resign, he stopped him and said, "Go back and pay your respects to the Fifth Master for me. I also brought some borneol and tremella to the Fifth Master in Guangzhou. You can go back to my house and fetch them for the Fifth Master first. You can wait for them.". "Little Wu and Li are going to talk to you later. Go back and wait on the Fifth Master." Wang Baoer promised to go again and again. Li 85 leaned close to Li Shiyao's ear and said in a low voice, "Sir, that Xiao San-laizi is also here. He is directing the craftsmen at the back of the temple to place material barrels and stack wood. He looks like a bookkeeper or a householder in the temple." "Look at the flowers on horseback today," said Li Yiyao. Let's talk about it when we go back. You should remember the poster in the temple. If there is still one posted outside, you should quietly uncover one and take it back to the Yamen. A gentle foot, go. When Li Shiyao returned to the Yamen, it was not yet time for him to play cards. The huge yamen is empty, birds chirp, even a person is not seen, ask the gatekeeper QinBing, said the officer in the office of writing style to the meeting, I don't know where to call the meeting, also don't know who called away. Li Shiyao can not help but be surprised, a few steps to the book office room to ask Ma Shuban, who is in charge of copywriting, only to know that they all went to the Military Department, listening to Yu Minzhong's layout of defense. Li Shiyao was already in a bad mood. He had a belly full of nameless fire. When he heard this, he couldn't help being furious. "Bang," he raised his fist and hit the table. The penholder, the inkstone,uns s31803 sheet, the paperweight, the teacup, and the hand stove all jumped up high: "Are you-are you called?" "Mark.." Late Benqing under the mark.. Suddenly, the prefect of the book office was so angry and thunderous that he was almost soft. One slipped under the table and knelt down: "Junjunmen … …" It's not a matter of marking. He suddenly suspected that Li Shiyao was "suffering from phlegm." When he peeked at him, he saw that Li Shiyao's face was red and his face was red with pockmarks, but his eyes were bright and bright. He stared at himself with a strong momentum and hurriedly lowered his head. All right, Chi Benqing, you do three things! "Yes." "Eh?!" "Zha!" "Inform everyone to cook according to the number of people. This is one." Li Shiyao said in a hoarse voice, "Assemble all the guards, the copywriters, and the handymen in the office.". You take the message. Now go out and find someone. Those who went to the Military Department for a meeting waited outside the Xihua Gate, and those who went home went home separately to look for them. Now it's.. He looked at his watch. "It's less than half an hour to noon.". At the end of the afternoon, I want to be promoted. This is the second-third, send someone to Shun Tianfu, pass orders to their prefect. "I've been ordered to send three of their masters to the punishment room to listen to them." When Chi Benqing heard his harsh instructions, 347 stainless steel ,x56 line pipe, his heart was shaking, his eyes were dizzy, and his legs and stomachs were about to turn. Qiang Ning stopped and replied, "My Lord, it's easy to gather and ask people to pass on the meal.". There are also several officials in it. I'm just an outsider. How can I give a lecture? Please ask your excellency in person. "That's easy to do." Li Shiyao grinned, pulled the file, tore up a piece of paper, and wrote: That is to say, as a member of Chi Benqing, he was appointed as the commander of Bujun and the director of the hall of Ya'en Gate, and the military rank was from the sixth grade to promote the affairs of Ya'en Gate. This order-Li Shiyao. To Chi Benqing, "ask someone to read this out before the lecture-you go!" Then he went to the signing room. All of a sudden, I heard something in the courtyard. First, there was a whistle of Qu Qu, and the bell in the dining hall rang like a broken pot. Then I heard people choking and echoing. The footsteps hurried south. From the door of the instrument came the sound of marching orders, and black smoke billowed from the chimney of the kitchen in Yadong. Li Shiyao stood in front of the window of the custody room. He seemed to have calmed down a little. He breathed a sigh of relief and saw little Wu Zi, Hu Xueyong, and Ma Yutang standing under the eaves. "Come in, you guys," he shouted. Where is Li 85? Not back yet? Wu Shih-hsiung and several others promised to go into the room and said, "I just saw him talking to Master Chang. He's gone to relieve himself. He'll be here soon." Then he saw Li 85 in the front, and Zhang Yongshou hurried in behind. Zhang Yongshou put a copied notice of Xuannu Niangniang Temple on the table and stood back against the wall with the others. Old Master Zhang, sit down. "Li Shiyao turned two iron walnuts in his left hand and raised his right hand.". As you can see, the geomantic omen in Beijing is different from that in Guangzhou. As the saying goes, to fight a tiger, you have to be a brother or a father and son soldier. You've been with me for at least six or seven years. I thought about it, there is no official office here, his mother may not have a kitchen dog to eat! Eighty-five is awarded ZhongJun director, Wu Shixiong you three awarded thousand total real duty, bring these thirty brothers all have military duty, all fill to patrol camp to do the total! Master Zhang, I'll make up a counselor for you, but this position is subject to the request of Xu Bao. You first come to an'agent ', I tell the Ministry of Civil Affairs, when I say goodbye to the emperor. "Xie Junmen's support!" Li Shiyao pointed to the notice and then said, "Since the emperor has appointed me to be the prefect of the Nine Gates, I have the final say in the prefect's office.". The twenty-six thousand officers and men under the command of the Yamen should be mobilized and used like my fingers, and they can move as they want! At present, the New Year is approaching, and the activities of the White Lotus Church in various places are rampant. Under the chariot of the emperor in the capital city of Beijing, no mistakes are allowed. Now to find out what kind of immortals are worshipped in this temple? Do the pilgrims have the matter of worshipping the head of the incense hall? Is there any secret practice of preaching and preaching? No. Well, I'm going to give it a gold temple. If there is, one is to get out the main heir, and the other is to prevent someone from making trouble in the capital at the end of the year. "Finger Jiang paper pushed and said:" This notice smells bad when I see it! Gu Tianfu's people are here. Old Master Zhang and the four of you are specially discussing this matter. If you don't have enough manpower, you can go to the Ministry of Punishment to see if Huang Tianba's disciples can help you. In short, you want to have a safe New Year! "Yes!"! Obey the order of the army! "The capital is not like other provinces,316 stainless steel plate, and it is not allowed to act rashly without orders!"! You have to ask for instructions and obey orders, so I can take care of it for you. Do you hear me? "Yes!"! Zun Ling! "You go to the kitchen for dinner first." Li Shiyao's color softened a little. "After dinner, he went to the lobby to line up and return to the office on schedule for registration.". "All those who arrived after Shengya's firecrackers were blocked outside the gate of the instrument and listened to me!" "Zha!" 。 lksteelpipe.com

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