Hong Ying ran into the Mr. Right of the president.

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Too hateful, how can Shang Gengyu be so treacherous to dig a trap for her to jump? Bring her to New York. That proves how little she knows about him. Because if it were her? She would never give such a lovely child to anyone else. 。 Why did Shang Gengyu oppose Andrew to take care of his mother-in-law? Because he has no job. Can't afford a child? Only half a day after setting foot in New York, she was convinced by what was in front of her that she really didn't understand Shang Gengyu at all! He Xuwei looked at the hot water that began to smoke on the stove and felt so confused. She was puzzled by the enigmatic Shang Gengyu and why she lied just now-she didn't tell Andrew honestly, but casually said an English nickname because of her English name. Also known as Vivian! For the sake of some kind of selfishness, Xu Wei did not want to use the same name as Shang Gengyu's wife who had passed away. Jealous of a dead person feels immoral, but she can't control it. Is she really jealous? FM1046 FM1046 FM1046 FM1046 FM1046 FM1046 FM1046 He Xuwei thought that a child's birthday party was. A simple birthday party. It's a pity that she was so wrong. She should have guessed that Andrew's birthday party would not be just a child's party, judging from the one-piece red dress Andrew gave her, which was full of silver highlights with refraction effect. Andrew gave her a dress that was as formal as if she was going to some big award ceremony. He even prepared a pair of Burgundy heels for her to match the dress, as well as a set of white diamond hair accessories and necklaces. Xuwei received these things from Andrew this afternoon. She hesitated to accept them. She was afraid that if she accepted them and really wore them, it would be too formal. Shang Gengyu assured her that those clothes and accessories were absolutely appropriate to wear to Andrew's party. Shang Gengyu also said that because he forgot to remind her to prepare a dress for the banquet, he wanted to take her to rent one,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, but Andrew said he wanted to buy one for her as a gift. The dress, shoes and accessories were all chosen by AndreW. Shang Gengyu said Andrew liked her very much. Anyway, she has a lot of clues to follow, and AndreW's party should not be too unusual. However,outdoor ficus tree, when the car that picked them up arrived at the luxury house, He Xuwei was shocked for a long time. Because what she saw in front of her didn't look like a nine-year-old's birthday party at all! Among the adults who entered the party, the men were all wearing formal suits; the women's gowns were one after another. As for the children, the little boys were all dressed like little princes, and the little girls were dressed like little princesses. Compared with the clothes of those people, Xu Wei's dress is simple and generous. The party was held at seven o'clock in the evening. The venue was many long trellises set up outside the house. There was a large stage in front of it. A black singer was singing. When she got out of the car, she took Shang Gengyu's hand and saw Andrew walking towards them. Didi, you look beautiful tonight! The clothes I sent you. Do you still like it? I love it! Thank you for the gift. But I insist on giving you back the money for these things. You're still a child, fake ficus tree ,artificial plant wall panels, and you can't make money yet. It doesn't matter, Didi, all my money is Daddy's pocket money. If I buy it for you, Daddy will buy it for you. And as you said, I am still a child, I can not use so much money, it is better to use the money to buy things for the people I like. Daddy said he was embarrassed to buy it for you because he was afraid that you would misunderstand that he had bad intentions. If I buy it, you won't misunderstand. Is that so? So you Daddy has his moments of embarrassment too! Yes! The man of our business. When you meet someone you like, you feel embarrassed. "Imp!"! You talk too much. 。」 Shang Gengyu rubbed Andrew's head, then crouched down and gave Andrew a big hug, saying in his ear, "Happy birthday, son.". 」 Seeing that Shang Gengyu loosened his arms and stood up, Xu Wei also bent over and kissed Andrew twice on both cheeks, saying to Andrew, "Happy birthday." "Didi, thank you for coming all the way to my party with Daddy. Those two kisses will make Daddy jealous." What is jealous of me? You should say you are jealous of me. 。 Besides, your father wasn't that mean. Shang Gengyu corrected Andrew's language. All right. Be jealous of me. You go in first, and I have to wait for a girl who makes me embarrassed. By the way, Daddy, there are a lot of people in the head office. They are looking forward to seeing you today. You will be busy later. Don't neglect Didi then. Yes! You are the birthday girl You're the oldest today. I'll do whatever you say. Wait for your Vivian to come. Remember to bring it to Didi and me. Yes, sir. Didi, I hope you have a good time. If Daddy is not well treated, you must forgive him. He's been away from New York for so long that a lot of people miss him and want to take this opportunity to talk to him. I don't mean to ignore you. FM1046 FM1046 FM1046 FM1046 FM1046 FM1046 FM1046 Andrew is not exaggerating. He Xuwei holds Shang Gengyu's hand and walks slowly from the gate to the lawn where the party is held. Shang Gengyu is immediately surrounded by several Westerners. At first, he thoughtfully introduced her to others. Xuwei was not unaccustomed to such a business occasion, but it happened at a child's birthday party, which was a little hard for her to imagine. After maintaining a certain degree of politeness and greeting the friends whom Shang Gengyu seemed to be very familiar with,fake ficus tree, she went to fetch the food and left Shang Gengyu to his "friends.". She is extremely curious about her surroundings, but rather than being curious about everything around her, she is curious about "Shang Gengyu.". This room should be the mother's home of his deceased wife. hacartificialtree.com

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