Furious Goddess _ Agatha Christie

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"I'm so glad to see you," she said to Mrs. Anderson. "You know, I think it's wonderful how God deals with things in the world! The people you hope to meet again, you really meet again. After all this time, it's amazing that we can have such a chance encounter. "And then," said Mrs. Anderson, "people say it's a close encounter, don't they?" "Yes, indeed, I think that means something.". I mean, it does seem like a big world, and the West Indies are such a long way from England. Well, I mean, of course I could meet you anywhere. In London, or in Harold. At the train station, or on the bus. There are so many possibilities. "Yes, there are so many possibilities." "I didn't expect to meet you here," said Mrs. Anderson, "because you don't live here. Is it? ' No, no,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, no. But you're not too far from where I live in St Mary Mede. My personal estimate is that it's only about twenty-five miles away. Twenty-five miles in the country, for a man who doesn't have a car-and of course I can't afford a car, I can't drive a car-that can't be said. So a man really only sees his neighbor on the motor road, or else on the road where there are street cars in the village. "You look very well." Said Mrs. Anderson. I was going to say, you look great. Oh my God! I didn't know you lived here. "Not long ago, I got married." I don't know. How delightful it is. I think I must have missed it. I always ignore the marriage notice. "Oh, I've been married four or five months," she said. "My name is Mrs. Anderson now." "Mrs. Anderson,ultrasonic metal welding," said Mabel, "yes, I must try to remember. What about your husband? The question was a little unnatural, she thought, and she did not ask how nice her husband would be. Old maids are notorious for asking too many questions. "He's an engineer," Mrs. Anderson said. "He runs the building and decorating branch.". He- "She's hesitating." Younger than me. "Wonderful!" Said Mabel. "Oh, my God, wonderful!". These days, men get older more easily than women. I know it's rude to say that, but it's true. Men have to do more and worry about work. Then they get high blood pressure, or low blood pressure, or heart disease, or stomach cancer. You know, we usually don't have to worry too much about life. I think we have a strong personality. "Maybe." Said Mrs. Anderson. She smiled at Mabel and reassured her twice. She had seen Yixie last time, ultrasonic sonochemistry machine ,ultrasonic generator driver, and Yixie seemed to hate her very much. But now, uh, maybe she's feeling a little happier. She might have felt that if it had not been for Mabel, she would now be under a respectable graveyard slab, instead of living with Mr. Anderson, which was considered a happy life. You look great. "Be happy," she said. You, too. Miss Mabel. "Well, of course, I'm a little old now!"! A person who has so many illnesses is not a desperate illness, but if a person suffers from some rheumatism, headache, or other diseases, it is really annoying. Oh my God! I always talk like this. Oh, what a nice place you live. "Yeah, we've only been here for four months." Mabel looked around. She preferred to think so. She thought that when they moved in, they had moved into a place that was completely satisfactory. Noble furniture, comfortable and luxurious. Exquisite curtains and elegant chair cushions show a special artistic flavor. She knew the reason for the apparent luxury. This is a powerful manifestation of the generous bequest of the late Monsieur Rafael. She was glad to think that Monsieur Raphael had not changed his mind. I believe you have seen the notice of Monsieur Raphael's death. "Ethel said, as if she knew what Mabel was thinking." Yes. I see it. About a month ago. I'm so sad and sorry. Although I know that he has long been psychologically prepared for this. He also hinted several times that his days were numbered. He's a brave man, isn't he? "Yes.". He is really a very brave man, a really good man. "When I used to work for him, he paid me very well, and I saved the money," he said. Because I'm an independent, I don't want any more money from him. "Yes," said Mabel, "I'm very happy about that. Maybe I thought-of course, he didn't say anything-but I was wondering. "He left me a large legacy." "An unexpected sum of money," Yixie said. What a surprise! At first I hardly believed it. He wants to surprise you, I think? Maybe he's like that. Mabel went on, "Did he leave anything for — oh, what was his name?"? -The valet, the attendant nurse? "Oh, you mean Jaxon?"? No, he didn't leave anything to Jackson, but I believe he sent him some nice presents last year. "Do you often see Jackson?" "No.". I only saw him once on that island. When he returned to England with Mr. Raphael, he did not live with him. I think he's gone to Jesa or Guazar, some nobleman. "I wish I could see Monsieur Raphael again." "It seems odd after all the mess we've had," Mabel said. He, you, me, and some other people. Then, when I returned home, six months had passed — and one day I suddenly remembered how close we had been at the critical moment, but how little I knew about Rafael. When I saw the news of his death,ultrasonic dispersing machine, I kept thinking and wishing I knew more. Where was he born? And about his parents. What are they like? Does Mr. Raffaele have children, nephews, cousins or any family. How I want to know. 。 fycgsonic.com

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