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Seeing that the other side slightly turned his head to him and shot out the light of shutting up, the white-haired fraudster pretended to whistle indifferently and turned his face to the side. Because Yukimura had to have a daily physical examination, everyone said goodbye to him and left. The tennis teenagers all had a serious look on their faces, and the atmosphere of the conversation was much more lively. It seemed that everyone was really worried about the situation of Yukimura. The commitment made by Yukimura will undoubtedly give us great encouragement. He Quan. Ruocai, who had been advancing with the army, turned his head and saw the tall and thin teenager standing not far behind him: ".." Yes "Have you forgotten what happened yesterday?" After a pause as if he were worrying about something, Liu Lian-er continued, "Some words are right, can you borrow them?" "Mmm." Head, if the dish inexplicably felt nervous, to the first contact with Liu Lianer is the same, do not know why they are very easy to become flustered unceasingly. The two men, who deliberately slowed down their pace, slowly pulled away from the group in front of them, and it was already evening when they walked out of the hospital full of unpleasant disinfectant. As if burning, the heavy clouds on the edge were dyed orange by the sunset, and the two shadows were pulled thin and long, extending slowly on the ground. Although the sun has long lost its noon intensity, the heat wave floating from the earth still makes people feel uncomfortable. Because Liu himself did not want to eat, Ruocai bought an ice cream and licked it carefully. After waiting for a long time, the other party did not open his mouth,sonicator homogenizer, so he had to stir up the topic first: "Come on, what's the matter with Liu?" "Ah, ah, ah." As if awakened from meditation, Liu Lian coughed to hide her embarrassment, "Yes." "Eh?" "Although I said it on the phone yesterday, I still want to repeat it formally in person." The teenager turned his head and said to Ruocai's confused expression, "I'm really sorry that I didn't take into account the mood." Ruocai was stupefied. He waved his hand hurriedly and said,ultrasonic cutting machine, "Ah, it doesn't matter!"! I think Liu De is very reasonable. And at that time, Liu Ding was not in a good mood. He lost the game and was worried about Yukimura's operation. Calm down, little straight way, "although feel sad, but on the contrary to apologize is.". It was too thoughtless to look for it at that time. "He Quan." I don't know why, but every time he called his name in a voice that didn't fluctuate too much, his heart would tremble, and Ruocai unconsciously overreacted and shouted back, "Yes!" Perhaps the performance of the little feel interesting, Liu can not help but smile: "It is really understanding, and the spring.". But there's really no need to apologize. I understand. “…… Yeah? Faced with a confused expression, Liu Lian-er did not continue to explain, but just thought about it and changed the subject: "Yes, ultrasonic spray nozzle ,ultrasonic welding transducer, do you have time next Wednesday?" "Well, I'm very free, so I have time all the time." Ruocai answered with a smile, "So what do you need to do this time?"? Collect DATA? Organize DATA? Or do you want to help refuel? "No," Liu shook his head to deny the other side of the series of conjectures, seems to have some helplessness to open his mouth, "is not it, and the spring do not have to feel what is owed, because they want to help." "Well, well!" Wen Yan Ruocai had a faint blush on his cheeks, and he was so nervous that he stammered: "So, what is that?" Next Wednesday, there will be a Gakuen Festival jointly organized by the tennis departments of several schools in Tokyo. I got the invitation, so I want to ask if I have time to go with Quan. A lot of things are free because of the reception tickets. Wen Yanshao showed a puzzled expression and asked hesitantly: "Of course, no problem, but … …" Is it okay not to go to training? "Of course it matters, but only if it's a special holiday." Liu Lian-er explained, and after a pause, "the national competition will take back the throne." It seemed that Yukimura's words made everyone's mood unexpectedly high, and everyone believed that Lihai would win the final victory. Not by luck, not by cheating, but by absolute strength. Everyone is full of energy. "Ruocai held up the ice cream he had just forgotten to eat because of surprise and licked his mouth." Well, that's for sure. ” The teenager seemed to have expected that he would agree, but he said in a cold tone, "OK, then come to the dormitory downstairs in the morning." The other side always used such a calm tone to make surprising remarks, so Ruocai was dull for a while but only made a single sound: ".." Eh? Is it a date? In this way, there is no sense of reality. Liu Lian-er wanted to add something, but suddenly noticed that the ice cream in his hands had melted so much that it almost dripped down. Careful Almost at the same time as his voice reminded him, the slightly sticky juice flowed down his hands at the acceleration of gravity, fell on the skin of his chest, and then slipped into his clothes, leaving white marks. "Wow!" If the dish itself is also surprised, the ice cream on the hand melts more fiercely with the movement, drops two drops to fall in the chest. Although I felt it was a pity, I had to throw the unfinished ice cream into the garbage can, and then pull the collar of the clothes outward to avoid the clothes being contaminated too much. Shaoshou pulled his clothes and groped for his handkerchief in his pocket. Unexpectedly, Liu Lianer, who was calm, said in a slightly flustered tone after the stiff battle: "He Quan!"! Don't look like that! "Eh?"? Why Ruocai pulled his clothes and looked up at Liu Lianer in puzzlement, but saw two red clouds floating on his expressionless face, and there was a growing trend. Because Liu Lian-er turned her head to the side and tried not to look in the direction of less. Although I want to remind him, I really can't say it-from his point of view, this action has basically made him see everything. It happened that the other side still had no conscious appearance at all, which was really disturbing. Ryu, do you have any tissues? I seem to have forgotten to bring it. Searching all over his pockets, he could not find anything to wipe,ultrasonic dispersion machine, so Ruocai had to turn to the people around him for help. The tall and thin boy turned his head and handed over a few pieces of light onion-colored bosom paper. Shao took it and said in surprise, "Ah, it's something you only use during the tea ceremony. It turns out that Liu also uses it at ordinary times." 。

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